Buddy's Page

Hobel Move It

Loved, owned and adored by Amanda, Richard, Hannah and Helena Woodfield

Buddy & Scamp

Buddy 7 months

"Oh my goodness - what am I suppose to do now with this thing you have brought me?"

(Scamp at 12 weeks old)

Buddy 17 months

"Am I handsome or am I handsome?!?!?"

Buddy 17 months

Buddy & Hannah

Buddy 21 months

"I can stand like all them show dogs too, but Hannah what are you doing with my tail?"


A good cuddle is all a boy needs

Buddy 2 years 4 months

"Quick short back and sides and I'm a lot cooler - but still handsome"

Hello everyone - this is called a close-up


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Photos courtesy of Mr and Mrs Woodfield and reproduced with their permission