IR/GB CH Kellynack Chynora Avec Hobel (Ir An Ch 03 & 05)  x  Caidantes Just Top Totty At Calvenace

Born 5th August 2004


Hobes & Callie

Calvenace Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers & Italian Spinones

Tracey Hammond & Steve Evans on 01543 676492

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Caillie - Proud Mum of 5 pups

3 Boys & 2 Girls

Caillie snuggled with her new pups

Well here we at at 5 weeks and 2 days - and where's our food????

"Aren't I just the cutest pup  you've ever seen?"

I'm so sleeeeepy, zzzzzzzzzz

Hi I'm Green Ribbon - known at the moment as Archie

Hi I'm Lil Boy - known as Lil Boy and sometimes Bonzo

Hi I'm Red Ribbon - known as Tonka Ted - at the moment

Hi I'm White Ribbon - known as Lil Irish Girl

Hi I'm Multi Ribbon - known as Heavy Coat (what a name, I mean what does a girl have to do to get a proper name????)

"Haven't I just got the cutest eyes?"


Dixie Here

"Gonna beat my dad at Snoggy Doggy"

Dougal April 2005


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Lottie , Dougal & Dixie

Xmas is exhausting



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Born 5/8/2004


Calvenace Dixie Cups - Dixie

Calvenace Chiffons - Lottie

Calvenace Cockney Rebel - Archie

Calvenace Humble Pie - Ted

Calvenace Leapy Lee - Dougal

They were so good we did it twice


Born 13/11/2005


Calvenace Fleur Delacour

Calvenace Mad Eye Moody

Calvenace Rita Skeeter

Calvenace Victor Krum - Alfie



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