Jewel now CoCo - Rescue Wheaten

Loved & Adored by David & Keeley Burns

Went to the Rainbow Bridge Tuesday 10th August 2010

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A note from her new owners Keely & David:

"Well we have now washed her 3 times!!!! And used plenty of conditioner, which has really helped. After we washed her she has gone from a dirty brown to nearly white in colour. Unfortunately her hair was in a very bad state and we have had to remove most of it our selves using the clippers.

Even though she will not win prizes for the best looking dog at the moment, I am sure she would be in first place for the “Bad Hair Day” category.

Since we have removed all the matted hair she has been able to clean herself and has not stopped stretching out, something which she has been unable to do for some time."


Up on the Downs - May 05

Gosh Mum and Dad got me a right tasty bone and it's all mine - whew!  Don't worry me coat is growing but it's great to be without with matts & knots.


Just having a little snooze

Me in September 05

Whose looking at you?

What wig????


"Aw c'mon give a girl a break, I need my beauty sleep especially now I have the bed to myself"


"Are you looking at me? I don't look like I did above - see what love and care does - thanks Mum and Dad"

"Come on Dad, I need the computer"


"Dad, I need to check my emails, a girl does have admirers you know"


Summer 2006 - "I am beautiful"


"Bit of a stretch - mmm"

Summer 2006


Looking good - Aug 07


"Dad decided he'd teach me to swim by throwing a stick and getting me to bring it back - daft dad. But you can see how good my coat has come back"  - July 08


CoCo & Qorey on the bed Jan 09

"This is Qorey whose come to stay"


CoCo & Qorey cuddling on bed Jan 09

"Thought I'd give him a cuddle"


CoCo & Qorey Jan 09

"Qorey, what's the password?"


Feb 09

"Just paddling" - June 10

Sadly on Tuesday 10th August 2010 David and Keeley made the very hard decision to let CoCo go for her eternal sleep.  A tumour had been found and their vet said that the kindest choice was to let her carry on sleeping.