INTERNATIONAL/GB (subject to approval)/IRISH CH HOBEL JOE O'BRIEN (Irish Annual Champion 2008)

& 6 CACIB's (Awards for Int Beaute Champion)

Born 2nd April 2005

1st born - arrived at 1.45 am - weighing 8 oz

Derfel - Loved & adored by Deborah and The Metcalfe Family

Hip Score - 4/6 - BVA KC

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Derfel wins his 3rd CC


Derfel BOB - April 11 (handled by Sarah Watkins)


BIS May 09 - ISCWT Club Champ Show


Derfel's Pedigree

3rd Dog Challenge Certificate & RBOB - Belfast Championship Show 28th September 2013 - Mrs Ann Ingram (Ireland)

BV & VTG2 - Darlington Championship Show 13th September 13 - Mrs Ann Arch (Breed) and Mr T Mather (Group)

RDCC - Birmingham City Championship Show - May 2012 - Mrs Margaret House (UK - Breed Specialist)

RDCC - East of England Championship Show July 2011 - Mrs Denise Bott (UK - Breed Specialist)

Dog Challenge Certificate & BOB - National Terrier Championship Show 2nd April 2011 - Judge Mr Roger Wright (UK)

DGS & RBOB - Irish Native Breed Society Champ Show September 2010 - Mr Harold Quigg (Derry)

DCACIB, DGS & BOB - Fermoy & District International  Show May 2010 - Judge Mr J Reynolds

RDCC - Belfast Championship Show September 2009 - Mr Jack Watson

BIS & DGS - Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club Championship Show - May 2009 - Mr J Dean (NI)

DGS & BOB - Cork & District Champ Show April 2009 - Mr C Laverty

DGS & BOB - Dublin Dog Show Champ Show Dec 2008 - Mr T Finney

DGS & BOB - Irish Breeds Society Champ Show Sept 2008 - Mr P Carroll (Ireland)

DGS & BOB & Terrier Group 1 - Tralee & District Champ Show Aug 2008 - Judge Ms E Gigaut  (France) - Group Judge - Mr J Dupas (France)

DCACIB, DGS & RBOB - Clonmel & District International  Show Aug 2008 - Judge Mr K Brown

DGS & RBOB - All Terrier Association Champ Show Aug  2008 - Judge Mr P Martin

DGS & RBOB - Bangor & North Down Champ Show Aug 2008 - Mrs A White (Ireland)

DGS & BOB - Dundalk & District Champ Show July 2008 - Judge Mr E Mate Duran - short-listed in Group Mr A Magill

DGS & BOB - Irish Ladies KA Champ Show July 2008 - Judge Mr H Kvivesen

DGS & BOB - Bray & District Champ Show July 2008 - Judge Mr Jim Parsons (UK)

RDGS - Deise Canine Champ Show June 2008 - Judge Mr D Lawlor

DGS & RBOB - Kilkenny & District Champ Show June 2008 - Judge Mr I Selimovic

RDGS - Swords International Show June 2008 - Mrs D Sandahi

DGS & BOB - Munster Canine Champ Show June 2008 - Mr Sean Knight (Ireland)

DCACIB, DGS & BOB - Irish Kennel Club International  Show May  2008 - Judge Mrs G Schwab

DCACIB, DGS & BOB - Hibernian All Breed Dog Club International Show May 2008 - Judge Mrs R Oliverira

DGS & BOB - South Tipperary Canine Club Champ  Show May  2008 - Judge Mr W Browne-Cole (UK)

DCACIB, DGS & BOB - Fermoy Canine Club International  Show May  2008 - Judge Mrs Ferelith Somerfield (UK)

DGS & BOB - Cork & District Champ Show - April 2008 - Judge Mrs A Cuthbert

DCACIB, DGS & BOB - Combined Canine Club International Show March 2008 - Judge Mrs B Hasselgren (Sweden)

DGS & BOB - Dublin Dog Show All Breed Champ Show December 2007 - Judge Mr Sean Delmar (Ireland)

Dog Challenge Certificate & RBOB - Ladies Kennel Championship Show December 2007 - Judge Mr Harry O'Donoghue (Ireland)

DGS & BOB - All Ireland Bull Breeds Dog Champ Show Oct 2007 - Judge Mr Mike Clancy (Ireland)

1st Open Dog & RDCC - SCWT Club of GB Championship Show September 2007 - Judge Mrs Ann Arch (UK)

DGS & BOB - Banbridge Champ Show Sept 2007 - Judge Mrs Gene Vickers

1st Limit Dog - Bournemouth Championship Show August 2007 - Judge Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews (UK) - gained his Stud Book No

DGS & BOB - Kilkenny & District Canine Champ Show June 2007 - Judge Mr John Madden (NI)

RDCACIB, RDGS - Irish Kennel Club International Show June 2007 - Mr K Edh

DGS & BOB - Hibernian All Breed Dog Champ Show May 2007 - Judge Mr Ross Delmar (Ireland)

DGS & BOB - South Tipperary All Breeds Champ Show May 2007 - Judge Mr Van Der Kinder- Graded Excellent

1st Open Dog & RDGS - Cork & District Canine Club April 2007 - Judge Mr John Canty- Graded Excellent

1st Open Dog & RDGS - Combined Canine Int'l Show April 2007 - Judge Mr A Velasco - Graded Excellent

2nd Limit Dog - Crufts 2007 - Judge Mr Tony Killykeen-Doyle (Breed Specialist) Qualified for Crufts 2008

DGS & BOB - Newtownards All Breeds Champ Show Feb 2007 - Judge Ms Finnoula Malone - Graded Excellent

RDGS - Dublin Champ Dog Show Dec 2006 - Judge Mrs M O'Donoghue

DGS & BOB - Cloghran Champ Show Nov 2006 - Judge Mr Des Manton

DGS & RBOB - All Terrier Champ Show Aug 2006 - Judge Mrs A Puumala

RDGS - Combined Canine Int'l Show April 2006 - Judge Mrs G Schwab - Graded Excellent

Winner with sis Kinesha of Brace class - SCWT Club of GB Open Show South April 2006 - Judge Ms Jo Dowdy (Breed Specialist)

BPIB & 3rd BPIS - Wellingborough & District Canine Society - Judge Mrs S Jeffries (Breed Specialist) & Mrs Gill Yeates

1 week old

Two weeks old

Three weeks old & I am not impressed with this photo shoot

Three weeks old

Four weeks old

I can do this and I'm only 5 and a half weeks old

I don't like that flash thing mum

Not a hope bruv Purps I win this round

6 weeks old - okay Auntie Ronnie I'll stand & be good

How can you refuse me anything???

Photo courtesy of Mrs J Lewis

7 weeks old - Photo Mrs J Lewis

Photo courtesy of Mrs J Lewis

"I'm rebelling for once" -

Photo Mrs J Lewis

"Ahh Leg of Kristie - tasty!!!"

18th June in the paddling pool

"A little kiss with Uncle Phil"

15th July 2005

"Standing again!!!" - October 2005

Derfel May 2006

"Yo, finally made it to my page, thanks Auntie Em" - Me June 2006

"Just smelling the flowers"

Derfel November 2006

Me and Dad after a hard day - April 2007

Derfel August 07 wins his Stud Book No

Derfel wins Open Dog under Mrs Ann Arch September 2007

Joe O'Brien with Hobel Joe O'Brien

Joe and Derfel Jan 2007

The last photos of Joe with a Wheaten

These 3 photos are very special as they were taken a few months before Mr Joe O'Brien of Briankeen passed away.  Derfel was named in and to honour Joe and Joe would always love to hear 'how his boy' (as he called him) was doing in the show ring.

Crufts 2008

Derfel June 08 - Photo Jennifer Kealy

"This is the cup I won" - Aug 09

"I won it last year but it was raining"

Derfel is one of the few Wheatens in Ireland to win a Group, this he achieved in August 08 under Group Judge Mr J Dupas.  Unfortunately that day we were unable to get photos as it was torrential rain.

"Gosh this is frosty mum" - Dec 10

"Hey sis what you found?"

"Chillin' out by the fire" - Dec 10

"With my new Mam & Dad"

"Hey what's all this white stuff?"

"So tired after my walk"


"Grandma, what big teeth I have" - 25th Dec 10

"Err my crown has slipped"

Derfel wins Best Of Breed at National Terrier april 2011

Judge Roger Wright

Superbly handled by Sarah Watkins

Photo courtesy of Lisa Mullins, Braemuelin Photography

Derfel with Nan Moya at Auntie San's Shearing Shed - Feb 13

Derfel before trim - August 13

Derfel after trim with Auntie San

Derfel with Denise Pascoe at Darlington winning

Best Veteran under Mrs Ann Arch- Sept 13


Derfel goes on to Veteran Terrier Group 2

handled by Haley Jones      --------->

Photo by Sarah Gibbons

Derfel with Denise at Driffield with

Judge Eileen Foy

Placed 2nd in Open Dog

Photo by Rob Jones

Derfel Belfast Champ show in his class - Sept 13

The line up

Derfel wins his 3rd CC becoming a

GB Champion at Belfast Championship Show

A very tearful breeder, handler and 'mum'




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