At various times in our lives we all have unhappy periods, and these may lead to confused and overwhelming feelings.  These unhappy times may or may not be connected to specific problems.  For some people, it helps to talk to someone outside their immediate family, and if this is the case a professionally trained counsellor may be the person to help you.

Counselling can help you make sense of your life, resolve specific problems, help you to make decisions, help you deal with phobia, stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, addictions, abuse, bereavement, divorce or separation, conflict with others, relationships, and many other issues affecting emotional and mental well-being.

The aim of counselling is for the counsellor to help you, and counsellors do this in many different ways.  They may just listen, as speaking out loud about your problems helps you put your thoughts in order.  The counsellor will not tell you what to do, and you will be left to make your own choices.  Some counsellors, however, may go through a whole list of options, and examine the pros and cons of each option, so that you can make better informed decisions.  The possibilities are endless, and will depend upon a combination of your particular problem, and the style of counselling undertaken by the counsellor, I personally like to apply Meridian Therapy for many client's problems as reducing the anxiety assists you in your well-being and ability to cope.

Before you embark on a series of counselling sessions, you should ask yourself what you hope to achieve through counselling, and how will you know if the counselling has been successful.  It may be, that if counselling helps you deal with the greatest problem, you will then be in a position to cope with all your remaining problems without outside professional help

Meridian Psychotherapy and EFT involve no undressing, no talking and re-talking through your problem - this is a gentle effective treatment for many, and more, of the problems people are experiencing today.  Ask yourself - what emotions, problems, hang-ups, phobias, fears, anger would you like to remove from your life - then call me, Deborah TODAY or email me at the Contact Page for further information or a free leaflet.



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