EFT & Meridian Psychotherapy  

Meridian Psychotherapy which includes Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Touch and Breathe (TAB) and Thought Field Therapy (TFT) have been around for many years with much success.  Emotional Freedom Technique  was developed by Stanford Engineer Gary Craig in the United States as a streamlined version of Dr. Roger Callahanís Thought Field Therapy, whilst TAB was developed by John H. Diepold, Jr., PhD as a gentler form of EFT.  These meridian therapies work on the same meridians as those used in acupuncture, the difference here is that there are NO NEEDLES, also there is no drugs or equipment involved.


Meridian Therapies have been proven clinically effective (over 80%) for


  Trauma Phobias Headaches Addictions & Cravings
  Depression & Sadness Abuse Jealousy Stress  
  Compulsions & Obsessions Anger and Rage Grief Fear
  Anxiety Panic Attacks Self Image Enhancement Children's Issues
  Sport Enhancement Physical Pain Childhood Issues  Breathing Difficulties 
  Bullying - children & adults Allergies Guilt Post Natal Depression
  Sexual Abuse Issues Weight Issues Negative Memories Dissociative Identity Disorder



This is to name but a few emotional and physical problems it can help. If, having read this, you can recognise one or some of these problems in yourself - then you should call today.


How Meridian Therapies Work

When someone is calm and relaxed, the flow of energy through the meridian system is calm and steady.

Emotional upset of any kind affects the energy flow immediately and naturally as both are intimately linked and part of the same system, the energy flow becomes disturbed and distressed as our thoughts and emotions spiral away from our calm centre state. As Gary Craig states


"The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system"

And because our physical pains and diseases often appear to be connected with our emotions the following statement has also shown merit...

"Our unresolved negative emotions are major contributors to most physical pains and diseases."

In the early 1980ís, Dr Roger Callahan found that instead of trying to control our thoughts or emotions which is such a difficult thing, you could re-create the calm state of Even Flow by touching the meridian system instead. Once the meridian system has been calmed, the mind and body cannot help but follow suit and tranquillity and balance are restored.


Meridian Therapies and Stress

Stress has become a main cause of illness and can affect us all in different ways.  Stress can be caused by getting a promotion at work, financial problems, moving house, the children get sick, you have home improvements done, the car won't start and so on.  All of these situations can add to a person's Stress Level and unfortunately many people are Overstressed.  There are many ways of dealing with stress - better diet, reduce stressful situations, not taking on tasks that will increase stress etc etc - BUT there is another way that is gentle and effective - Meridian Therapies and Psychotherapy.  Meridian Therapy can decrease stress levels to a comfortable and manageable level or remove it completely.  Personal use has shown that even should other areas of your life bring stress, if each part is dealt with by meridian therapy the stress stays manageable.


Meridian Therapies and Phobias

About 10% of the population suffer from one or more phobias.  A phobia is any 'excess fear' over and above normal caution or concern.  Phobias can lead to intense anxiety and can often severely limit the lives of those who have them, as well as those around them. There are hundreds of possible phobias and fears and again meridian therapy can be an effective treatment for them.  Below are a few phobias that you may be able to relate to:


                     Spiders, Snakes, Dogs, Cats.....           Being Alone or Being in Crowds        Dentists, Doctors, Operations

                     Heights and Flying                                 Claustrophobia & Agoraphobia           Public Speaking or Performance 


Meridian Therapies and Psychotherapy  involve no undressing, no talking and re-talking through your problem - EFT is a gentle effective treatment for many, and more, of the problems people are experiencing today.  Ask yourself - what emotions, hang-ups, phobias, fears, anger would you like to remove from your life - then call or email me from the Contacts page for further information or a free leaflet.



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