What is Reiki?

A holistic form of healing, reiki treats the physical body and the mind together.  Reiki energy works to find the blockages that create illness whether that is emotional, mental or physical.  Reiki energy does not harm anyone in any way and may find that although you have one problem it can heal another or others.


What is involved in a Reiki session?

You lay on a couch fully clothed, removing only shoes, belts, jewellery for comfort, and then the healer will gently place their hands on your body in approximately 12 to 15 positions (no parts of the body are touched that will cause embarrassment).  All you need do is to lie there and relax or even go to sleep if you wish.


Who can receive a Reiki treatment?

Anyone can and this includes children and animals, in fact children generally respond quickly to reiki treatments.


How long is a Reiki session?

On average each session will last one hour but can be longer if more healing is required.


What happens during a Reiki session?

Most people experience a slight pleasant tingling sensation in the area being treated.  Some people experience great warmth or even icy cold in the area being healed, although cold it is a sign that your body is responding to the reiki energy.  Most people after 5 to 15 minutes feel very relaxed, the mind slows down, the muscles in your body release their tension and many can fall asleep.



Could I have any bad reactions after the Reiki session?


Most people feel an improvement after each reiki

session, occasionally some may feel worse Ė this is

the healing crisis.  This comes about when there are toxins that have been stored in the body and then are being released along with any feeling, emotions or thoughts that are no longer needed but this should pass quite quickly.


I donít have any health problems but could I still benefit from Reiki treatments?

Even if you are not aware of any illnesses reiki works intelligently and will find any that is there and treat it.  Reiki treats the whole person not a disease or illness.  But should you be in good health you can still gain from a reiki treatment, as it will assist your relaxation levels, strengthen your immune system thus reducing your susceptibility to disease and illness.



What Ailments will Reiki treat?

Reiki has been used to treat: stress, insomnia, back

pain, skin disorders, tension, grief, constipation,

addictions, menstrual problems, candida, migraines, strokes, sports injuries to name a few.


Will Reiki interfere with my medication or current medical treatment?


Reiki is complementary so therefore will adapt to your bodyís current state, it can assist in making treatments or medication more effective.

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