I first started training in EFT back in 2000 with Ananga Sivyer, as I was studying the course she had written 'Meridian Psychotherapy'.  I became qualified as a Certified Practitioner in January 2001.  I then saw many, many clients and chose to do my Advanced Certificated Practitioner course with Dr Christina Elvin.  I then proceeded to complete my Trainers course with Tam and Mair Llewellyn.  During this time I went to Dallas, USA to see Gary Craig present one of his earlier trainings in Serious Diseases.  I also went and saw Gary when he came to the UK in Sept 2005 when he presented Serious Diseases.  I then completed my Level 3 with Dr Christina Elvin.


I have found EFT to be a most amazing healing tool, not only for the mind but for the body too.


If you want to know more please do not hesitate to contact me as I am always happy to talk about the virtues of Emotional Freedom Techniques and Meridian Energy Techniques.


This EFT oriented website is provided as a public courtesy to help expand the use of EFT in the world.  While Gary Craig and EFT encourage such efforts, they cannot evaluate or endorse the multitudes of them that exist.  Thus this website represents the good faith ideas of its founders but not necessarily those of Gary Craig or EFT


Deborah with Gary Craig 2005

(this photo does not mean that Gary Craig endorses my work)



  Deborah V Evans-Barry  LNCP, Trainer of Trainers, Practitioner & Trainer AAMET, Adv. CP AMT, D.Psy,  D.Hyp,  MBASPC,  S.A.C. Dip (Meridian Psychotherapy), S.A.C. Dip (Stress Counselling in the Workplace), MARCHTI, CCC Reg


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