Hobel I Don't Know

Jack's Page

Born 3rd January 2005

6th born - arrived at 6.50 am - weighing 9 oz

Owned, loved & adored by Jim Clarke, Eire

All pictures can be clicked on to see bigger

One week

Two weeks

Three weeks

Four weeks - "I'm standing tall"

Five weeks - "Getting cute you know"

"Just out of me bath - that was not funny, yuk I'm clean!!!"

"Woe is me - Auntie Debs has just blow dried me - I'm a boy"

"Dad hurry up please, I am sooo hungry"

"I'd like you to me me Dad - he's the greatest, do you know he waited over 2 years for me - wow I'm worth it"

"This is my new bruver and sister, I'm so lucky"

"Me and bro out in the garden"



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