Born 11th May 2007

arrived 1.08 pm weighing 5oz


Breeder: The Late Mr Joseph O'Brien

Owned, loved and adored by Deborah

Health Results: Hip Score - 5/5 - BVA KC  ~  Brown Nose - Clear, no carrier  ~  Black & Tan - Clear, no carrier  ~  Degenerative Myelopathy - Clear, no carrier  ~  PLN - Clear, Homozygous Negative

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Joe at Amsterdam Winners Show 2013

Photo courtesy of Mariella van Niekerk



Joe x Kailin Pups

Joe x Kinesha Pups

RDGS - ISCWT Club Championship Show 14th May 11 - Mrs Yvonne Cannon (Breed Speacialist)

BOB & DGS - Bull Breeds Association Championship Show 25th October 10 - Mr Pat Dorian (NI)

BOB & DGS - Portadown Canine Club Championship Show 16th October 10 - Mrs A M Madden (NI)

RDGS & 1st Open Dog - Carlow All Breed Champ Show 18th September 10 - Mr D Kavanagh (Ireland)

RDGS & 1st Open Dog - Killarney & District Champ Show 17th August 10 - Mr E Patterson (NI)

30th August 2010 Joe is awarded the title Irish Champion

BOB & DGS - Dun Laoghaire & District All Breed Champ Show 1st August 10 - Mrs B McGovern  - 7th Green Star

BOB & DGS - Dundalk & District All Breed Champ Show 24th July 10 - Mrs D Anderson

BOB & DGS - Sligo & District All Breed Champ Show 17th July 10 - Mr Svante Frisk (Sweden)

BOB & DGS - Deise All Breed Champ Show 27th June 10 - Mr R McDowell

BOB & DGS - Kilkenny All Breed Champ Show 26th June 10 - Mr M Leonard

RBOB & DGS - Cork & District All Breed Champ Show 6th June 10 - Mr J Crilly

1st Open Dog & RDGS - Hibernian All Breed Champ Show May 10 - Mr T Johnston

RBOB & DGS - South Tipperary Canine Champ Show May 10 - Mr Max King (UK)

1st Open Dog & RDGS - Banbridge Canine Champ Show April 10 - Mr Michael Forte (Ireland)

2nd Open Dog - ISCWT Club Annual Breed Champ Show May 09 - Mr Joe Dean (NI)

1st Open Dog & RDGS - South Tipperary Champ Show May 09 - Mrs Y Smith (New Zealand)

1st Open Dog - Cork & District Champ Show April 09 - Mr C Laverty

1st Intermediate - Dublin Dog Show Champ Show Dec 08 - Mr T Finney

1st Junior & RDCC - Belfast Champ Show Sept 08 - Mr Nicky Hammond (Claiming his Stud Book No)

1st Junior & RDGS - Irish Breeds Society Champ Show Sept 08 - Mr Pat Carroll (Ireland)

1st Junior & RDGS - Dun Laoghaire International Champ Show Aug 08 - Mr S Sweeney (Ireland)

1st Junior  - Bangor & North Down Canine Champ Show Aug 08 - Mrs Ann White (Ireland)

1st Junior & RDGS - Dundalk & District Champ Show July 08 - Mr E Mate Duran

1st Junior & RDGS - Sligo Canine Champ Show July 08 - Judge Mrs Yvonne Cannon (Breed Specialist)

1st Junior - Irish Ladies KA Champ Show July 08 - Judge Mr H Kvivesen

1st Junior - Bray & District Champ Show July 08 - Judge Mr Jim Parsons (UK)

1st Junior - Kilkenny & District Champ Show June 2008 - Judge Mr I Selimovic

1st Junior -Munster Canine Champ Show June 08 - Mr Sean Knight (Ireland)

Unfortunately Joe's sister did not survive, she weighed only 3 oz (on left)

Joe & Katherine 11th May 07

Jess & Joe 14th May 07

Joe 14th May 07

17th May

19th May

19th May

24th May

"I'm just the cutest" - 27th May

27th May

"Catch me if you can" - 3rd June

"Err where did this come from" - 3rd June

"I'm camera shy" - 3rd June

"Oh mum give a boy a break"

"Now this is strange stuff" - 4th June

"Mum she's got that camera thing, again"

"Yea it's great to run"

Asleep after a hard days play

"Grr, I'm gonna get you" - 12th June

"Look into my baby blue eyes"

"Mum, I'm gonna kill this"

Joe 7 weeks - 2nd July

"Do I have to do a lot of this?"

"This is me mate Baxter" - 22nd July

"Playtime - yeah"

Bedtime - Sept 07

Playing with mum Jess - Sept 07

"What you got Mum?" - Sept 07

Me and my friend Miss Ellie - Oct 07

Jan 08

"What's this stuff?" - Jan 08

"Before my trim" - April 08

"Apparently I'm too hairy"

After trim

Playing with Kinesha's pup Daisy - June 08

Me being quiet - for a change!!! - June 08

Joe - June 08

Checking things out - July 08

Me & Baby K looking for mischief - Dec 08

"Just resting on your back Ellie"

Joe playing with his kids - July 09

July 09

"Err Pinky I don't need your help"

Joe - July 09

"Looking good" - May 10

"You called Mum" - July 10

"Wow this looks great"- Jan 11

"Snow, what snow on my beard"

Joe August 2010 - photo Thomas Uneholt

Amsterdam Winners Show Dec 2013

Photos courtesy of Mariella van Niekerk

Joe at Amsterdam Winners Show Dec 2013

Handled by Pia Erdman

2nd EXC in Champion Class