Born - 14th September 1998


Best Puppy - SCWT Club Open Show South April 1999 Judge - Mr T Killykeen-Doyle

Kabel 3 years  



Pups 3 days old


Kabel's proud moment - mother of 8

Kabel & Hugh August 2003


Kabel 5 years old on a windy day in Ireland


"Daughter's - who'd have 'em???"

Kabel reclining Nov 2006

"I cannot be bothered" - Dec 08

After a hard day running round the field - Dec 08


Kabel's pedigree

Kabel is a beautiful and loving girl and is a delight to cherish.  Kabel has qualified for and been shown at Crufts 2001 and 2002.  At Crufts 2002 she took me and many others by surprise when she took the ring by storm, not one who always enjoys showing (as her many breaks away from the ring have shown) she is regularly placed when she is shown.

Her proudest moment was when she produced 8 beautiful puppies, all who have wonderful temperaments and dispositions.  Many of her off spring have come back for visits and although she is pleased to see them, there is a look of relief on her face when they go home as if saying 'well you are grown up and don't need me anymore!'

In April 2005 Kabel gave birth to 9 stunning puppies of which 4 have been regularly shown and who have won; all four qualified for Crufts 2007 with Kerrie getting 1st in her class, Kinesha 2nd in hers and Derfel 2nd in his unfortunately Finley played up so his owners withdraw him on the day.

Kabel has been Kidney Function Tested - Clear (2001, 2003, 2004.2005,2006)

IR CH Hobel Living Doll - Kachina

Hobel Nine Times Out Of Ten - Molly

Hobel Lucky Lip's - Cyra

Hobel Tarka - Tarka

Hobel Don't Talk To Him - Milow

Hobel Move It - Buddy

Hobel Bachelor Boy - Blue

Hobel Travelin' Light - Jasper

Hobel Summer Holiday - Kinesha

Hobel Please Don't Tease - Kerrie

Hobel I Got A Feeling - Maddie

Hobel Let's Stick Together - Ellie

Hobel Livin' Lovin' Doll - Krist-Hobel

Hobel Joe O'Brien - Derfel

Hobel Wallie Ladd - Snoop

Hobel Schoolboy Crush - Finley

Hobel Mumblin' Mosie - Barney



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