Born - 3rd February 2001

7th born - arrived at 6.25 pm - weighing 10 oz (Yellow ribbon)

Loved & adored by Deborah & The Ashfield Family

Hip Score - 6/4 - BVA KC

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Kiara wins RBCC at Crufts 2007


Kiara's pedigree

Bitch Green Star & RBOB - Sligo Champ Show, July 2007 - Judge Mrs S Jernhake (Sweden)

Bitch Green Star & RBOB - Bray & District Champ Show, July 2007 - Judge Mrs T Deegan Foley (Irl)

Bitch Green Star & RBOB - Munster Canine Champ Show, June 2007 - Judge Mr J Flanagan

Bitch Green Star & RBOB - South Tipperary Champ Show, May 2007 - Judge Mr Van Der Kinder (Canada)

Bitch Green Star & RBOB - Hibernian Champ Show, May 2007 - Judge Mr R Delmar (Irl)

1st Limit Bitch & RBCC - CRUFTS 2007 - Judge Mr Tony Killykeen-Doyle (Ireland & Breed Specialist)

1st Limit Bitch & Stud Book No - East of England Show, July 2006 - Judge Mr Nicky Hammond (Ireland & Breed Specialist)

Reserve Bitch Green Star & Reserve CACIB - Combined Canine Int'l Show, Ireland April 2006 - Judge Mr s G Scwab (Graded Excellent)

Reserve Bitch Green Star & Reserve CACIB - St Patrick's Day Show, Ireland March 2006 - Judge Mr Terry Thorn (Graded Excellent)

Bitch Green Star & RBOB - Cloghran All Breed Champ Show, Ireland November 2005 - Judge Mr John Madden (Irl)

Bitch Green Star & BOB - Kilarney & District Champ Show, Ireland August 2004 - Judge Mr Roger Good (Irl)

1st Open & BOB - Dunstable & District Canine Show - April 2004 - Judge Mr Peter Howard (Breed Specialist)

1st Open & RBOB- Luton & District Canine Show December 2003 - Judge Mrs Lynn Carter (Breed Specialist)

1st Limit Bitch & RBGS - Irish Breeds Ch Show, Ireland September 2003 - Judge Mr T Killykeen-Doyle (Breed Specialist)

Bitch Green Star & RBOB - Carlow & District Ch Show, Ireland September 2003 - Judge Mr C Hackett

Bitch Green Star & RBOB - Drogheda & District Ch Show, Ireland August 2003 - Judge Mr J Newsham

1st Post Graduate Bitch - East of England Show, July 2003 - Judge Mr Les Aspin

1st Graduate Bitch & RBGS - Bray & District Ch Show, Ireland June 2003 - Judge Mrs M Kelly

1st Graduate Bitch & RBGS - Munster Agricultural Ch Show, Ireland June 2003 - Judge Mr M McCarthy

1st Graduate Bitch & RBGS - Munster Canine Assoc Ch Show, Ireland June 2003 - Judge Mrs C Muldoon

1st Post Graduate Bitch - Scottish Kennel Club, May 2003 - Judge Mr Robert Ross (Breed Specialist)

1st Graduate Bitch & RBGS - Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Champ Show, May 2003 - Judge Mr T Deegan


3 days old

1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks

4 weeks

4 weeks

6 weeks

6 weeks

Kiara snuggled up with Kabel - 7.5 weeks

"With my dad Hobes" - April 01

"Oh boy, brothers - get off me" - April 01

Kiara, Scamp & Ellie at the back - April 01

Kiara & Rooney - April 01  

Kiara 3.5 months

Kiara May 01

Kiara & Hobes - June 01

6 months old

Kiara at 13 months

Kiara at Christmas 2002 at 22 months

"Mum, dressing up is okay for you humans but

I'm gorgeous in my own coat"

Kiara with her trophy from ISCWT Club of

Ireland - Graduate Bitch

"A close of up me for once"

Kiara April 2004 - Photo Mrs E Brewer

Kiara Best of Breed - Killarney August 2004

"Click on me and you can see me real close up"

"I'm just so starved"

Snuggled down in mum's office - July 06

Kiara takes RBCC at Crufts 2007 from Limit Bitch class

Photo: Mr Andy Wassall

Kiara at Crufts

Photo: Malgorzata Adamska


Kiara in the line up at Crufts 2007

Photo: Malgorzata Adamska

Kiara has developed a thicker coat than either of her parents had at the same age.  Whilst she has been developing she has had the most amazing and abundant curls around her neck and chest - she has an adorable, sunny personality living up to her kennel name and her nickname is Boom Boom.

Kiara is shown and really enjoys it - or is it the sausage I am holding in my pocket!  Now having reached the age of 3 and a half years old she seems to have come into her own and has been winning her classes and been awarded the Bitch Green Star in Ireland as well as Reserve Best of Breed, Best of Breed at Open Shows and qualified for Crufts 2005 & 2006.

Blood Tested Clear - 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

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