IR CH Briankeen J.O. Ir Jun Ch x INT/IR CH Hobel Summer Holiday CW-10

Joe x Kinesha

Born 1st August 2012


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Hobel Good Times - Seamus

Hobel My Blue Heaven - Cassie

Hobel Summer Rain - Kinvarra

Hobel Where Is My Heart - Murphy

Hobel On The Beach - Shambles

Hobel We Have It Made - Pippin

Hobel I'm On My Way - Murphy (TT)


Pedigree for Pups


Kinesha with 1st born Purple - 1st Aug

And then there was three

Now we have four

Then there were five

Finally there were seven of us

Joe sat outside the entire time waiting & pacing

Pups - 2nd Aug

Pups - 3rd Aug

Pups - 4th Aug

Pups - 5th Aug

Pups - 6th Aug

Pups - 7th Aug

Pups & Mum - 8th Aug

Pups - 9th Aug

Pups - 10th Aug

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. What 6?" - 11th Aug

"Oh Kinesha you have 1 phew thought we'd lost 1"

Pups -12th Aug

Joe helping Kinesha - 12th Aug

"A man's work is never done!!"

Mum & pups - 13th Aug

Pups - 14th Aug

Pups - 15th Aug

Pups - 16th Aug

Pups - 17th Aug

Mum & pups - 18th Aug

Pups - 20th Aug

Pups - 21st Aug

Pups - 23rd Aug

Mum & pups - 24th Aug

Mum & pups - 25th Aug

Pups - 25th Aug

Pups - 27th Aug

Mum & pups - 28th Aug

Pups - 29th Aug

Pups - 29th Aug

Starting to play

Pups - 31st Aug

"We want our Mum"

1st September all the pups went out

This was was their first time out

Mum Kinesha was there to reassure them

With love an kisses

Checking things out

The flower pot didn't stay too long

Dad Joe was on hand to reassure us too

"Wow that other Wheatie's hard"

Pups playing - 4th September

Pups feeding - 5th September

Kinesha feeding her pups - 6th September

Making a mess with Farleys Rusk - 7th September

Cage training ourselves - 8th September

Last feed before bedtime

Supper - yogurt & rice pudding - 10th September

Pups 12th September

Playing in the tent - 14th September

Sun's out so the pups are playing - 14th September

Asleep at last - 15th September

A bundle of pups - 16th September

Crashed after wrecking the house - 17th September

Raining - 18th September

Shall we, shan't we

Drier inside

Can we come out Mum - 20 th September

"Locked in" - 20th September

Now we are named

Hiding in the tent - 21st September

Pink playing hide n seek - 21st September

Pups 25th September

Day before they left for their new homes - 5th October

And then there was one - Kinvarra