Born - 12th April 1999


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"No I was not Made in China - in Wales actually"

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"A little cutie at 5 months - aren't I?"

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"It's no good Sasha I can't get the pear either"

Kirisch with pups at 2 days old

 Kirisch's proud moment - mother of 7

"I'm sure I just saw a cow walk past"

Kirisch 3 years old


"Hello all - just taking a little rest"

"Dad and me having cuddles in bed - bestest"

Hello All, just my appealing look

Oh No - not the grooming table - again!!!

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Having a day out, so I did the backseat driving

Kirisch's pedigree

Kirisch, is affectionately known as 'git-bag', because she dashes around enjoying life whilst being quite vocal at times about it.  Kirisch has qualified for Crufts and was shown in 2000.  Kirisch in February 2001 became the proud mum of 7 beautiful pups and loves to mother them when any come for a visit - in fact if she had her way they would all stay.  We were very proud when a lovely lady in the States asked if she could have a pup from this litter and Roony (US) is flying the flag for us in America.

Kirisch is shown and loves it, standing proud in the ring with an attitude of 'look at me'.

Kirisch has been Eye Tested  - Clear (June 2002)

Kidney Function Tested - Clear (April 2001)  Clear (September 2004)

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