Hobel Livin' Lovin' Doll

Born 2nd April 2005

9th born - arrived at 5.50 am - weighing 6 oz

Krist-Hobel or Kristie for short

Some pictures can be clicked on to see bigger

1 week old

Two weeks

Three weeks old - still tiny but I'm trying to stand

Three weeks old & this is too much for a girl zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Four weeks and having a mummy moment

Four weeks old

I don't do stand too well but I do cushions great - nearly 5 weeks old

I think I am the cutest & sweetest

6 weeks old - I'm sucking but my tongue won't stay in!!!

Being small has it's advantages I can get under the settee and go to sleep - yea and then mum can't find me for ages and ages

Can't catch me

This is my big bro Navy and he looks after me - luv you bruv

7 weeks old - I can do all that stand thing too - Photo Mrs J Lewis

"Yes I am the Queen of Sheba and yes I need waiting on hand and foot" - May 29th 8 weeks

"Hum not sure about this big bloke, I'll ignore him he may go away"

"It works, he's gone & now it's just me in the picture"

"Now aren't I just the cutest thing you have ever seen" - Sept 05

"Oh boy, at Auntie Debs for a tidy up this is not good news - save me mum"

"Just bathed and brushed now ready to hit the town" - July 06

 "I'm still waiting to go out" - July 06

"Me & Spuddy" - Apr 07

"Me & me mate Spuddy" - Apr 07

"Just posing cos I'm gooorgeous" - Apr 07

Kristie & Kerrie or is it a 2 headed Wheaten?? - May 07



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