Hobel First Lesson In Love

Luna's Page

Born 3rd January 2005

1st born - arrived at 5.01 am - weighing 13 oz

Owned, loved & adored by The Woodfield Family, USA - more can be seen at her webpage at http://thewoodfields.com/Pages/Luna/Luna.html

All pictures can be clicked on to see bigger

Mum and me before we fly to the USA

One week

Two weeks

Three weeks & snoring

Four weeks - Standing tall

Five weeks - "I'm so innocent - yea!"

"Hey, that tickles, really tickles"

"Me wiv the flowers mum sent Auntie Debs - did they come all the way from America???"

"Dinner a la sofa - but where's it gone?"

12 weeks - "I saw something here I'm sure"

"This is my grandad Hobes, we're snogging"

"Hi well I'm here in a place called United States of America - some of them talk funny you know"

"These time changes have really confused me - I just so tired"

"Nothing like a good smelly slipper"

"Thought I'd be an Andrex Puppy!!!"

"Just sitting comfortably in MY chair"

"My pet talk before I go do something called agility"

"No I'm not coming out this is fun"

"Okay, this is a stroll in the park"

"Yo, you can't catch me I'm flying"

"Me at 15 months old"

"This is me at just 2 years old"

"My windswept look"

"This is Felix and I really, really like him"

Us out walking in Tenerife in December

See the sun does shine & no snow!!



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