Rescued from Ireland

Loved and Owned by Carol Evans

Some pictures can be clicked on to see bigger

Mikka 17th Dec 2004 - she was in the line up to be put to sleep & saved by 5 minutes


Mikka - see below - click on

Hobes & Mikka having a snogging session between themselves


Introducing Mikka who is now living with Sasha & Carol - Mikka is a rescue Wheaten from Ireland. Mikka was in the queue to be put to sleep when a lovely lady recognised her as a Wheaten, managed to get them to take her out of the queue, quickly rang another friend who rang me and presto 4 days later Mikka is in England in a 'foster home'.  Hum, she's never left and is now part of the family.  Many thanks to the ladies who saved her life.

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