It started when you were two weeks old,

You were my boy and I called you Hobes,

It was love at first sight, that first time I saw you,

You snuggled in my arms for those three hundred miles home,

You were a tearaway, but always loving,

You slept by my side, then when

You were a big boy you slept at my feet,

And there you slept for over thirteen years


I said to Sally I would show you,

So we travelled to our ringcraft practise nights,

So I could learn not to let you down,

We travelled to our first show,

You qualified for Crufts,

The bug bit, my handsome boy,

And you loved to show how good you were


When you were just six months old,

We travelled to Ireland,

To show you in your mumís homeland,

But all you wanted to do was run about the beach, the fields,

To bounce over everyone you met,

You were my happy baby boy


We travelled to Crufts so many times,

You loved the green carpet and came alive,

And even at nine you wowed the judge,

We travelled the length of England, Wales and Scotland,

We travelled to Ireland so many times,

You had better sea legs than me and many


We travelled thousands of miles, but

Always when we arrived you were ready to show,

What a great boy you were,

How kind and loving, kissing many judges,

Instead of standing good and proud


We travelled to Wheaten days,

You showed us all what you were best at,

You snogged everyone,

You got the name Snoggy Doggy,

Everyone knew Hobes The Snoggy Doggy,

You were loved by many and loved them all in return


We travelled together to the shops, the butcher

We travelled together everywhere,

We travelled our journey of love,

You never let me down, you stood by me,

You were there through all the bad times,

As well as the good times,

Youíre love and hugs always there


Your kids have travelled all over the world,

Your kids at home loved you,

Your last grand-daughter adored you,

Curling up next to you, saying my Granddad


But came the day my darling boy,

When we could no longer travel together,

You lay in my arms as our journey ended,

Today you are free to travel anywhere,

While I remain here alone and lost,

My heart is broken my wonderful boy,

The tears flow unrelenting, the pain is so deep,

You were my life and now the journeys ahead look hard,

As you are no longer there by my side,


So my wonderful babeee boy, Hobes my Snoggy Doggy,

My gentleman among dogs,

Travel safe until the day comes when we

Journey together and I can hold you next to my heart once again,

I love you and miss you more than words can say


Hobes - International/Irish/GB Champion Kellynack Chynora Avec Hobel Celtic Winner 2007, Irish Annual Champion 2003 & 2005


18/4/98 Ė 1/11/11