Edison now Padraig - Rescue Wheaten

Loved and Adored by Sara Shingleton

Padraig or Porrig as he was called went to The Rainbow Bridge 4th August 2010

A note from his new owners
Here he is bathed trimmed and on his new bed. We thought that as he is Irish we'd give him an Irish name which he responds to quite well, we just hope that we've spelt it properly !
Padraig is probably a lot older than 5 or 6 nearer 9 or 10.  He is partially sighted, bad cataracts in both eyes, and he is deaf.  Consequently he does not leave my side, except at night when we do leave him downstairs, so he cries, however by the morning when I go down he is snoring gently.
He has the most beautiful temperament, loves to be loved, and he will be for the rest of his life. I absolutely adore him

"Me & Mum at the seaside, I'm not a coward I just love cuddling my Mum"

"Unfortunately I'm nearly blind now"

"But there's nothing wrong with my nose or tongue - mmm yumeeee"

4th August 2010

Porrig was extremely ill last night and no better this morning, so the vet came to us and he was sent to sleep at 4.0pm this afternoon.

We have buried him wrapped in his duvet in our home field and I have planted wild flower seeds over him.
He was such a loving good natured dog, I am heartbroken.  I do have his portrait to look at which is good,  so he will never be forgotten.
Thank you for your friendship and advice over the last 3 years

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