Unfortunately, this breed is not alone in having abandoned and neglected dogs.  We occasionally have Wheatens that need forever loving homes, if you are interested in homing a Rescue please Email and we can update you or add you to our always much needed list of homes.

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THIS IS FROSTY - as he was brought into rescue.  This is one of the most disgraceful states the staff had ever seen a dog in.

Frosty after his haircut - what a face and just look at those eyes - to die for!

Wellington (previously Frosty) on his way to his new home

MIKKA 17th Dec 2004 - she was in the line up to be put to sleep & saved by 5 minutes

Mikka Jan 2005 - saved and now living with Carol who couldn't give her up after fostering her over Christmas

Mikka April 2005 - this is my regal look Auntie Debs

Mikka April 2005 - resting after a hard play

Jewel April 16th 2005

Jewel now CoCo - just look at the state of her coat & this is after 3 baths & loads of conditioning. - click here to see her page

This is CoCo with some of the horrendous matts cut away

  RIP CoCo


Birth date - Unknown

Date of Passing - 10th August 2010


Holly - Feb 2006 - Rehomed

Holly's coat badly matted -

click here to see her page

"Oh, it's so nice to be able to move"

"Hello, I love my new mum and dad - they really spoil me - yeah"

Male - Handed in as too old at 8 years - Feb 06 - Rehomed - Murphy


Due to the condition of Murphy's coat he had to have it all removed; but it will grow back.


Wanna see how much fun a Rescue and Re-homed  Swheatie can have - well click here to see Murphy and Jess

  RIP Murphy

Cookie - Female - owners had to re-locate March 06 - Rehomed

Cookie running around in her new garden - April 06

Just look into my eyes and see how beautiful I am - April 06


Rusty - male rescued and starving - May 06

Re-homed -

Rusty after a haircut to remove the matts and knots next picture shows how skinny he is

click here to go to my own page and read my story

Soda - female an older lady currently in the UK in foster care June 06 - badly matted & lame -rehome

Soda after a bath

Soda has passed onto the Rainbow Bridge, it was a sad day for all when she was went but Jill, Andy and their girls know that her last few years were filled with love - the love she gave to them and the love they showered on her.

  RIP Soda

Attached Image

Edison - rehomed and now called Padraig

click here to see more of me  

  RIP Padraig


Birth date - Unknown

Date of Passing - 4th August 2010

Nellie - rehomed and now called Molly

Horace aka Hector NOW Dougal - rehomed

Dougal has settled into his new home and just loves a game of ball.  Enjoys stretching out in front of the fire, laying out on the settee and thinks going for a walk is the greatest.

Benny now has his forever home - rehomed

Click here to see more

Comments about him are - he's gorgeous, all smiles and kisses, a real sweetheart!  Coat not too bad, bit neglected but alright. He's standing a bit funny because he's dying to come over and play, so ignore that.


Holly - aged 3 years old and found as a stray.  Badly matted - Re-homed May 10

Thanks to Christine and all the Staff at Leitrim Animal Shelter Holly was able to have safe haven until her new owners, Marion and Gordon, were found.


Leitrim Animal Shelter