Hobel The Next Time

Saturday 3rd February 2001 - 2013

5th born - arrived at 3.40 pm - weighing 11 oz

Rooney (UK)

Loved, owned and adored by Deborah and Barry Gray

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One week old

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Six weeks old

Rooney at 6 weeks

"Is it there - it must be"

"Me and dog have had a tiring day"

Rooney at 3 months

"There must be something there"

Rooney at 8 months

"A boy needs his R & R"

Rooney at 14 months

"Mum, I've found my wellie but I 

think I've out grown it"

Rooney & Kiara at 2 years 3 months

"Okay sis, lets smile for the camera"

"Merry Christmas to all of you"

"Mum, do you have to leave me behind while you go shopping - again???"

"Just peeking - must know what's going on!"

"Looking GOOOOOD!"

"I'm in the pink"

"A Very Merry Christmas 2004 to you all - where has the year gone mum says - don't know but it's been great for me

"Well here I am at 4 years old - told Mum I'd make it"

"Looking so handsome on my 5th birthday"

"Keeping out the winter chill" Xmas 06

"Today I became 6"

"Geez, Mum & Dad got me roses for my burfday - thanks look good to eat"

April 2007 - "Mum this is my good side"

"Well I'm 8 now and still as handsome even if Mum says I'm pretending to be Christian the Lion"

"Here comes Santa Claws" - Dec 09

"Oh, is that Santa Claws?" - Dec 09

"I'm still waiting for Santa" - Dec 09

"A dog's work is never done, now I have the beds to change!!" - Jan 10

"Guess Christmas is over" - Jan 10

"Happy St Patrick's Day 2010 to ya"

"I need some shade, it's sooo hot" - April 11

"My head is spinning" - April 11

A REAL Wheaten whirl

"Wake me up when Easter's over - 2011

"Shall I eat Daichi now?" - April 2011

"Hi Auntie Debs" - July 2011


"Peek a boooooooo" ------->


Rooney - beloved friend and companion to Deborah and Barry has very sadly passed on to the Rainbow's Bridge - RIP

No longer with us in person

but never far from our thoughts

the memories you've left us

have paw prints all over our hearts

Thank you Rooney for being you

Photos are owned by Mr and Mrs Gray and reproduced here with their permission