Rusty - Rescue Wheaten

Hi, my name is Rusty and this is my story and a good one it is too.  Auntie Sheena came and saved me and boy was I starving, matted, stinky and sooo thin.  Auntie Sheena got me clipped out so all my matted coat was gone boy was that better I could move and I wasn’t a smelly doggy anymore; Auntie Sheena gave me lovely food and kept going on about feeding me up – I didn’t mind that one bit.  Then one day she came along and put me in the car and took me for a ride, we went to see a man called Vet  , he seemed nice so I kissed and jumped all over him but no I wasn’t staying there as Auntie Sheena put me back in the car and then we went to meet another man, Uncle Frank.  Now me and Uncle Frank took a very long car ride he told me we were going to the other side of Ireland and that this was my journey to a new home – wow a real home of my own.

Uncle Frank kept saying I was a great lad and I gave him kisses too, when we got to a place called Dublin we met up with Auntie Glenda.  Now Auntie Glenda let me sit next to her  and I thought her pretty cool so I kissed her ears, then I kissed her neck – well I was getting a bit confused and I thought Auntie Glenda was me new mum and you have to love these humans you know.  Anyway Auntie Glenda took me too Auntie Jessie’s where she told me I would be staying for a few days but I would get lots to eat and loves and hugs – you bet Auntie Mo arrived, silly me thought she was my new mum, so I kissed her, gave her my big brown eyes and put my head under her arm – got her she wanted me too.  I stayed a few days at Auntie Jessie’s where I got real nice food, hugs and love – mmm it was so good to be loved; then Auntie Mo arrived and she put me in her car and off we went, we were off to Auntie Marie’s. 

Now Auntie Mo explained to me that it was Auntie Marie that first started my re-homing (what ever that is) with a lady called Auntie Debs and that Auntie Debs had got me my very own home, with my very own Mum and Dad – ooooo.  Auntie Mo handed me over to Auntie Marie so I kissed her (got to keep in with the help you know), then she told me to get in the car and that I was to be a good boy and not chew the seats as someone called Uncle Terry would kill me and then her – as if I would!!!  Auntie Marie and I set off, she told me we were off to the port (duh!!); anyway I soon found out that a port is a big place where boats come and I was getting on it so I could go to my new home.  Uncle Michael came and met Auntie Marie and after a quick kiss with both he carried me to a nice van all kitted out with beds for lots of dogs all called rescue dogs, mmm I thought I’m called Rusty. 

I stayed in the van and went to sleep, later I woke up and the van was moving but nothing seemed to be happening, I realised it was the boat moving just as Uncle Michael had told me, so back to sleep I went.   Then Uncle Michael came back to the van and we were off, it was dark outside and we drove and drove.  ThenUncle Michael stopped and took all of us out one by one, I was glad my bladder was a bit full!!!!  Then we set off again and finally we stopped and Uncle Michael got me out and told me that the lady and man there were my very own Mum and Dad, I had a real home at last.

This is to say thank you to all my Aunts and Uncles who helped to get me to a beautiful new home, I love them and they love me (and the food is really good!).


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