Scamp's Page

Hobel Apron Strings

Born 3rd February 2001

2nd born - arrived at 8.20 am - weighing 10 oz

Loved, owned and adored by The Woodfield Family

Some pictures can be clicked on to see bigger

One week old

Two weeks old

Three weeks old

Four weeks old

Eight weeks old

"Now where is my dinner??"

"I'm the good looking one at the front, with my sister's Ellie at the back and Kiara to the left"

Getting a snuggly cuddle

Scamp & Helena

Scamp and Helena

"I'm only 3 months old and I need a story before bed time" 

Scamp at 7 months old

"What was that?!?!"

Scamp 12 months old

"Oh, it's so hard being a Wheaten - 

laying here in the sun"

 Scamp & Helena

Scamp 16 months old

"I'm getting the hang of this showing lark but my tail still needs some help Helena"

Scamp 2 and a half

Scamp 2 and half years old

"Scamp's the name and that's my game"

Scamp & Buddy

Scamp & Buddy & Girls

Us & the girls out trekking


Scamp looking for trouble???

"I think, I think I saw a puddy cat"


"I'm sure I saw a squirrel mum - let me get it"

Scamp in New Hampshire March 2004

"This is us in our new home - and boy this snow is just too much for a boy - gis a warm up"

"This is what I think to this agility lark"


"Mum, mum I've lost me legs!!"

"Mum, you've done a fine trim, I am just so handsome"

"Modelling my new winter coat - once!!"

Scamp, Luna, Helena & Hannah in Tenerife 29th Dec - some people are lucky!!!

"Oh my bags are packed and I'm ready to go" August 08


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Photos courtesy of Mr and Mrs Woodfield and reproduced with their permission