Hobel Wallie Ladd

Born 2nd April 2005 - 6th January 2013

6th born - arrived at 4.15 am - weighing 8 oz

Snoop / Reilly

Owned, loved and adored by the Makins family

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"Dis is me new mum & dad - I've loads of new sisters to play with I'll be the centre of attention - yea"

Snoop 1 week

1 week old

Snoop 2 weeks

Two weeks old

Snoop 3 weeks

Three weeks old

Snoop 3 weeks

Three weeks old & I am bored, bored, bored with this

Snoop 4 and half weeks

Four weeks old

Snoop 5 weeks

This is a doddle - nearly 5 weeks old

Snoop 5 weeks

Just get a load of this profile

"What a handsome chap I am"

Snoop 6 weeks

6 weeks old

Photo courtesy of Mrs J Lewis

7 weeks old - Photo Mrs J Lewis

Photo courtesy of Mrs J Lewis

"I'm watching" - Photo Mrs J Lewis

Snoop in his new home

"At my new home and so tired after all that driving - you should see dad!!!" - 28th May 8 weeks old

"Now these cushions I like, mum says I have expensive taste"

"Of course mum - me grin - never mum - of course mum"

"This is me bestest mate Eve we go everywhere together"

"What?  Where?  When?  I missed what???"

"Oh my gawd, what the heck is that need to investigate"

"See how I get round Mum, just smile at her - got her where I want her"

"Me chilling out on the settee"

- June 06

"Eve and me working out, we are so fit" - June 06

"Okay mum, just serve my dinner here, I need my rest"

Snoop in Bushy Park - March 2012

Due to illness in the Godfrey family, Snoop now lives with Marilyn and Ben Makins - March 2012

"Mud, glorious mud"

"Let's go Dad, I wanna go"

"Mum, get my good side"

"Boys together"

"Dad, I am not impressed"

"This is more like it, my bed and fluffy cushion"

"Was that my dinner?"

"It's exhausting being 7 years old today" - 2nd April 2012

<--- This painting of Snoop / Reilly was done

by Vronnie it was completed shortly before he became very ill

In 2012 Snoop went to live with the Makins family due to ill-health in the Godfrey family.

On the 6th January Ben and Marilyn took the kind but hard decision to release Reilly/Snoop from further suffering.  Unfortunately this gentle, comical boy had a rare form of cancer and although he fought hard...... the cancer eventually beat him.

Be at peace and run free with your Dad Hobes at Rainbow's Bridge