Hobel This New Year

Born 3rd January 2005


5th born - arrived at 6.15 am - weighing 12 oz

Owned, loved & adored by Emma & Stephen Brewer - More of Brea can be seen at Hobel That's My Desire

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Alternative Healing

Off home with me new Mum & Dad

One week

Two weeks

Three weeks

Four weeks - "I can stand!!!"

Five weeks - "Look into these eyes & say

no I dare you"

Feb 5th-cuddle with my Mum, ahhhh!

Eight weeks - "I'm not gonna smile"

8 weeks - "This is how I stand, wait till they see me in the showring Mum"

"I'm gonna get you"

"Oh darn you've found me I thought I hid

real well" - April 05

"Ladies & gentlemen, I would like you to

all meet my Mum, she's the greatest"

"It's my dog and you can't have it"

"Yes Mum, of course Mum, no Mum!!

"Dad why is mum standing in the rain?"

"I'm getting bigger and more handsome every day - well that's what Mum, Dad and Auntie Debs say, so it must be true"

Me and my mum

"Me and my mum Kachel"

Kachel & Spuddy 17th July

"I only got 2nd at the show!!!"

Spuddy on the beach August 2005

Judge: Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews

Me at the Club Champ show being judged

Spuddy and Auntie Debs in the ring

Me in the snow Dec 05

"Now what was that??"

Mum you're a bit wet and curly!!!

"Dad all this book work is getting very tiring

I think I need a quick 40 winks to recover, mmm this will do as a pillow"

"Just a bit of a soggy doggy"

"Good run and I'm drying or is this flying"

"A Merry Xmas for 2006 to you all"

"Nothing like a bit of sea air through your hair"

"Hey I'm a snowdog!!"

"40 winks & my favourite pose!!"

Spuddy & Brea on the beach Oct 07 - looking very handsome

Nov 07

"Me, with my mum and my new sis Brea" Nov 07

Spuddy, Brea, Tori & Rooney - Feb 08

A Hobel Gathering

"Snogging the girls" - May 08

"Looking handsome"

"Look into my eyes"

"Brea & me getting the hay in" - June 08

"C'mon Abbie & Chloe" - Aug 08

"Me & Brea in sunny Wales" - Sept 08

"Tomac the Min Schnauzer & me" - Oct 08

"Xmas kiss Mum" - Dec 08

"Look a bit like my Granpa Hobes - Jan 09

"Yep mum, we love the snow & it is my birthday" - Feb 09


"Er where have my feet gone?"

"You may have hooped me but you can't have my ball" - July 09

"This is my friend Tomac - all grown up now" - July 09

"All the better to see you my dear" - Oct 09


"Let's play" - April 10

"Allow me to introduce you to Monty he's my next door neighbour" - July 10

"Are you ready Mum?" - July 10

"Brr it's so cold, but this white stuff is great fun" - Dec 10



"Coming ready or not"------>

"Now can I have my toy back, please" - April 11

"Lets get close" - April 11

"Grrr got the stick at last!!" - June 11

"Oh I do like to be beside the sea" - July 11