Ballymena Charley Rodier


Bred by Mesdames Fran Talbot & Kenna Kachel - Website

Loved & Owned By Shelia Rodier (USA)

Some pictures can be clicked on to see bigger

This is me at just 6 months old - aren't I cute?

Hello all, I'm Charley and I think I look handsome

like my Dad Rooney (US) - can't you see the resemblance??

Ooooo nothing like a snow bath

"Now this bed is about big enough"

"This is definitely the place to dry off"

"Uncle Scamp, you're not the only one

who can play in snow"

"I think this is my best side mum"


"I'm at the back and this is my new friend Bailey, her mommy died so she has come to live with me and my mom and dad"

"Don't we make a handsome pair"

"Mum, bored now, when do we eat?"

"Now a lie and a little rest"

Bailey & Charley - Feb 08

"Brr it's February so we're toasting our butts"


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