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Mark and Chappell have teamed up with leading UK pet behaviourist, Sara Whittaker, to promote Serene-UM as an alternative to a sedative or tranquilliser during the fireworks season.

An RSPCA survey of 444 vets in England and Wales found that more than half had dealt with fireworks-related cases in the past year involving 4,835 animals.  Nearly nine out of ten cases were involving dogs, many of whom "had to be prescribed sedatives".

Serene-UM contains natural ingredients to calm and soothe pets who become agitated by the lights and noise caused by fireworks.  As it is totally natural, Serene-UM cannot harm the animal and has no side effects.  It is not a sedative.

For more information on Serene-UM and how best it can benefit your pet, Sara along with her team of animal therapists will be manning a Serene-UM "Bonfire hotline" on low-call number 0845 600 3642.

Qualified, with a Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour Therapy, Sara is an accomplished author of articles, a regular monthly guest on BBC Radio and has filmed behaviour consultations at RSPCA Woodside for Channel 4's Pet Rescue programme.

More information and tips on keeping pets calm can be found on

Source - Dog World 12.9.03

Dawgs get stressed too
The Dawg's Biscuits are pleased to announce Calm Dawg, a pure, natural biscuit treat to help dogs deal with stress such as fireworks.  Calm Dawg soothes, gently and naturally calming the dog, and organically lets the dog become a little sleepy.  Calm Dawg also helps with car sickness, again naturally.

The ingredients of Calm Dawg are based around vitamin B, banana, chamomile and ginger in a dough of organic oats.  The first three all facilitate serotonin production which is the body's natural relaxant.  Ginger is regarded as the most efficient natural method of helping with motion sickness.  Calm Dawg is made by The Dawg's Biscuits whose mantra is 'No chemicals, no additives, no preservatives At All , Ever'.

For more information call 01424 714848 or visit

Source - Dog World 12.9.03

Minimising the impact of fireworks on your dogs
A New leaflet for people worried about the impact of fireworks on their pets has been launched with Government backing.

Compiled by the Blue Cross in conjunction with safety and animal welfare experts at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Department of Environment, Fo0od and Rural Affairs, the leaflet is also being backed by the British Fireworks Association (BFA), which represents 95% of the UK's firework manufacturers and importers.

The leaflet is being distributed in-store by Morrisons supermarket chain, Focus, Wickes and by members of the BFA through their supply chains, and in fire and police stations, schools, hospitals and community centres throughout the UK.

The leaflet can also be read and downloaded from or from the DTI website at

Source - Dog World 24.10.03

Fear of Loud Noises
DAP - Dog Appeasing Pheromone - is a breakthrough in dog behaviour therapy and is the latest groundbreaking achievement in the development of synthetic pheromones.

The pheromone replicates the signals of well being generated by bitches and passed on to their nursing puppies and helps to alleviate fear and stress related signs in puppies and adult dogs.  It is believed that this could be the key to helping thousands of dogs with stress and behaviour-related problems.

For more information visit

Vetzyme Stay Calm Supplement from Seven Seas Pet and Animal Health Care

A carefully balanced formula containing essential oils of chamomile and ginger, the nutritional oil also helps to maintain the general good health for your dog naturally.  Research has shown that chamomile and ginger possess calming, relaxant and soothing properties.  Priced at 3.99 for 150ml.

For further information contact Seven Seas Pet and Animal Healthcare on 01482 375234, or visit


CDs to aid treatment for fear of fireworks
Fear of Fireworks Veterinary Desensitisation Programme using a Firework Sounds CD.

Developed by vets and animal behaviour experts, this fear-reducing programme will help your pet's fear of fireworks.  By using a CD recorded at a Nov 5th bonfire party, the whizzes, bangs and screeches are re-created for your pet entirely under your control.

You will be guided on how to help your pet relax, before playing the CD at ever increasing volumes.  Priced at 24.99 incl p& p. this can be purchased from or by telephone on 01260 297920.  Also available from selected veterinary surgeries.


 'Crash Bang Wallop' is a brand new familiarisation CD which comes complete with colour training booklets and 40 specifically recorded sound effects.  This has been developed by the animal behaviourists at Dogdayz and is recommended by veterinary surgeons all over the UK.

Crash Bang Wallop is available on 01952 261051, or securely on-line at


Dorwest Herbs
To calm and relax your dog on Firework night, Scullcap & Valerian Tablets, or Valerian Compound, can be obtained from Dorwest Herbs.  For further information - Tel: 0870 733 7272, Email:, Website:


Z8 tablets - A balanced herbal formula combining Valerian, Skullcap, Chamomile, Hops, Ginger and Gentian.  This natural product does not cause drowsiness and is suitable for events such as bonfire night , travelling or training.

100 tablets @ 4.95 - 360 tablets @ 14.95.  Tel: 01765 603 816 - Website:

Compiled By Barbara Penney - 1.11.03


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