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S.A.C. Dip (Meridian Psychotherapy),

S.A.C. Dip (Stress Counselling in the Workplace), MUFH, CCC Reg

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Employee Assistance Programme or EAP, was first introduced into the UK in the early 1980's and have grown almost as much in the last two years as in last decade.  The first main users of EAPs here in the UK were those companies that were subsidiaries of US corporations - these are the companies that brought the support systems here.  Many of the US companies had an EAP in place in the States and wanted to offer the same benefits to their UK workers.

EAP users are industries, companies and operations of companies where safety is of paramount importance.  The oil industry is a user of EAP as employees must be sharp and alert for safety factors and not have their mind otherwise occupied with problems and stress, as a miscalculation or inattention to detail can have fatal repercussions.

Another area for EAP is and should be used is transport - sea, air, trains and road.  All of these forms of transport involve moving or encompassing large amount of people and a lack of concentration or inability to handle stress can have fatal consequences.  Ships’ captains, airline pilots, train, bus/coach, truck drivers would all benefit.  A point I would like to add that perhaps the ‘normal man in the street’ if less stressed may drive better and thus reduce accidents on roads and motorways, as well as the current trend of ‘road rage’.

Another user for EAP would be fast moving industries and professions, such as in the City of London where long hours are worked, high level of attention must be maintained, a ‘dog eat dog’ scenario exists every day, you must be better all the time otherwise some one else will take your place.  Many companies are acquired or merged so hence may highly trained and expensive people are pushed to the limit (and many beyond) of their personal stress level.

The total annual cost due to stress related illness is estimated at £5 billion with 20% of this being alcohol and drug related, the CBI estimates that 187 million working days a year are lost through stress and the World Health Organisation calls job stress a 'worldwide epidemic'.

How can you help your work force - your employees - your management - yourself???

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